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Magical dried and trendy flowers

Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers

We are masters in enchanting dried flowers. We select the most beautiful dried flowers from our own soil, yet we also travel all over the world to find natural drying decorations. Lovely lavender, heavenly hydrangeas, enticing Amaranthus, in a beautiful vase or on a wreath: you can enjoy dried flowers in endless ways. The dried flowers of Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers are sustainable and totally fancy.


Natural beauties

From fine canary grass to beautiful Poppy bulbs, our dried flowers are all-natural beauties. Separate the dried flowers from the natural collection in a stylish wooden display or tie them together as a rich bunch. You can’t get more authentic!

Colored collection

The festive, colorful dried flowers from our colored collection make any room “pop”! We professionally color dried flowers, grasses and panicles in the most fashionable hues.

Dry bouquets

Our dried bouquets come in all colors, scents, shapes and sizes. If you opt for the classic version, you will enjoy a traditionally bound bouquet that lasts and lasts.

Dutch Masters In Dried Flowers
We are masters in enchanting dried flowers


The seeds that grow into our flowers, herbs and grains are put into the soil every year around March. Only once the eye of the master has approved all products, it’s time to harvest. This happens between June and August. Here’s where the unique drying process begins, where the color and quality are optimally preserved. The dried flowers of Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers are super strong, because they have been dried in a professional way.

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