Natural collection

Do you gravitate towards the purity of nature? With its soft natural shades, the dried flowers from our natural collection are perfect for you! The soft blonde plumes, playful sand-colored grasses and earthy bulbs immediately give you that “out in the country” feeling.

Natural beauties
From fine canary grass to beautiful Poppy bulbs, our dried flowers are all-natural beauties. Separate the dried flowers from the natural collection in a stylish wooden display or tie them together as a rich bunch. You can’t get more authentic!

1. Panicum
2. Dille Zaaddoos
3. Miscanthus
4. Eryngium
5. Cortederia
6. Kaardebol / Dipsacus
7. Amflodosia
8. Arundo
9. Pampas fluffi
10. Chaemerops

Popping colors
Colored collection