Our Dried Flowers
Endless enjoyment

Flowers wilt and roses perish…right? Not with our dried flowers! Put a dried bouquet in your favorite vase and time seems to stop. Thanks to our extensive range of high-quality dried bouquets, you will never run out of choices. Are you ready for something new? Why not arrange a completely new dried bouquet with a few extra dried flowers! Because dried bouquets last year-round and require no maintenance, they are very sturdy.

A bunch of love
Every dried bouquet is assembled with tender loving case, something you can see immediately. Only our best dried flowers, herbs, grasses and panicles are hand-arranged by our bouquet designers into unique dried bouquets. The bouquets are then carefully packed in a durable jacket. Made with love!

1. Dried Lonas geel
2. Preserved Scabiosa rood
3. Preserved Ruscus oranje
4. Dried Helichrysum
5. Dried Triticum
6. Dried Achillea parker
7. Dried Lavendel
8. Dried Carthamus wit
9. Dried Rhodanthe roze
10. Dried Depressa (papyrus)
11. Preserved Stuartiana rood
12. Dried Phalaris bruin
13. Dried Carthamus oranje

Natural beauties
From fine canary grass to beautiful Poppy bulbs, our dried flowers are all-natural beauties. Separate the dried flowers from the natural collection in a stylish wooden display or tie them together as a rich bunch. You can’t get more authentic!

Do you gravitate towards the purity of nature? With its soft natural shades, the dried flowers from our natural collection are perfect for you! The soft blonde plumes, playful sand-colored grasses and earthy bulbs immediately give you that “out in the country” feeling.

1. Panicum
2. Dille Zaaddoos
3. Miscanthus
4. Eryngium
5. Cortederia
6. Kaardebol / Dipsacus
7. Amflodosia
8. Arundo
9. Cortederia
10. Pampas fluffi
11. Chaemerops

Popping colors
The festive, colorful dried flowers from our colored collection make any room “pop”! We professionally color dried flowers, grasses and panicles in the most fashionable hues. By using water-based paint, we keep our dried flowers as natural as possible.

The rainbow in a vase
Are you going for classic deep blue, popping coral pink, hip cinnamon brown, timeless ash gray or trendy saffron yellow? Or do you want a mix of dried flowers in all the colors of the rainbow? One thing is for sure: with our kaleidoscopic collection of dried flowers, your home will feel as festive as the flowers!

1. Hydrangea preserverd
2. Palm sper
3. Silvergrass
4. Bougainvilea
5. Bougainvilea
6. Palm sper
7. Hydrangea
8. Silvergrass
9. Silvergrass
10. Bougainvilea
11. Hydrangea dried
12. Bougainvilea
13. Silvergrass
14. Silvergrass
15. Palm sper
16. Hydrangea preserverd
17. Bougainvilea
18. Silvergrass
19. Hydreangea preseverd
20. Boucainville
21. Palm sun

The making of…
Dried flowers