Leaves are falling…autumn is calling!
Outside, leaves are changing, from warm yellow to deep red and dark brown. Last fall, we celebrated the season with our peerless dried flower autumn assortments. This autumn we are all about earth tones: from brown and pale pink to orange-salmon and yellow ochre. We paint all grasses and plumes in these four warm colour trends. The natural branches and flowers that do well all year-round will of course also remain part of our oeuvre this autumn.

Together, we compiled all the bouquets that we made this season–dazzling flowers, plumes and branches–in an attractive array of autumn colours. The small lantern plant – the Physalis – with its lovely orange lanterns is, of course, also front and centre.

And last but not least…hooray, hooray, wreaths are again on full display! After all, what gives a more inviting entrance than a wreath full of dried autumn flowers at your front door? Let the wind blow and the rain drizzle–with our range of dried flowers, you will feel warm, cosy and secure this autumn!