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Dried flowers are back, baby! While dried flowers were once used to simply spruce up portrait frames, trinkets and other bits and bobs in the first half of the twentieth century, they were given honorific placement in households beginning in the 1970s. A dried flower arrangement adorning a window or hallway, or as a refreshing bouquet above the washroom sink, were common scenes in the typical Dutch home. By the mid-1990s, dried flowers had fallen by the wayside, only to return to the limelight nearly thirty years later.
Who doesn’t have such a beautiful, natural, sustainable dried flower bunch on their table today?

During that first dried flower boom in the 1970s, Jan Willem van Delft from Rijnsburg stumbled upon dried flowers during a summer job. It was love at first sight–Jan Willem quickly decided to stick around after that long-ago summer. “Up until the 1990s, Rijnsburg was a real hotbed for the dried flower business in the Netherlands. What started on a small scale grew into a massive branch of the flower industry with an impressive turnover,” says Jan Willem.

Jan Willem has worked with dried flowers for twenty-five years, but during lulls, when dried flowers’ reputation has faded and the industry contracts, Jan Willem switches to decorative items. Thankfully, a good look always regains its popularity. In 2018, after years of Jan Willem seeing increased demand for dried flowers at leading flower and decoration fairs in Europe, the dried flower expert decided to join forces with founder Alain de Mooij and sellers Teun Nijgh and Ronald Hartenvelt from Aalsmaar—and just like that, Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers was born!

These days, dried flowers not only come from our own country of the Netherlands, but from all over the globe. Indeed, dried flowers from Tunisia and Italy, Peru and Ecuador are making their way to the Dutch Masters. Demand continues to grow while the ranges expands each and every day. According to these men, the unprecedented popularity for dried flowers is also due to the growing urge for sustainable products: “With fresh flowers, we often talk about ‘vase life’, but dried flowers can be stored for a much longer time. The only thing that can possibly deteriorate is the colour. It doesn’t get more natural than a dried flower!”

The unique thing about Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers is the company’s all-encompassing range of quality flower solutions. “We respond quickly to customer requests for specific flowers or artistic colour palettes. With a personal, passionate and service-minded approach, Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers is your partner for fashionable dried flowers!

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