Dutch Masters

From Holland with love

When you think of Dutch masters, you immediately think of painters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Frans Hals and Johannes Vermeer. Just as these master painters were world-famous in Holland’s Golden Age for their use of light and for paintings beloved all over the world, our dried flowers are also world-famous. About sixty percent of our dried flowers go abroad. Customers as far away as Ecuador and Miami want dried flowers from the Netherlands!

We are the experts – the Dutch Masters – in the field of dried flowers. The phenomenon of dried flowers was already a household name in the Netherlands at the end of the 19th century. And what is more Dutch than Amsterdam–the place where the great masters made so many paintings and captured light in such innovative ways, forever. Likewise, our dried flowers are a permanent ray of light in every home.

Just as the Dutch Master-Painters captured the world with their brushes, we paint the world with ground-breaking dried flowers. Together, we create a unique, vibrant and agelessly beautiful still life with our dried flowers—that’s a trend destined to last!