Stylish dried bouquets

Cotton branches, fragrant dried lavender, festive gypsophila or colorful, exotic dried flowers? With the varied dried bouquets at Greenflor, you don’t have to choose! From soft natural tones to bright and bold: our stylish dried bouquets immediately bring a sense of atmosphere and timelessness to yours decorations.

Head over heels
Drying flowers is a craft all of its own. Not all flower types are suitable for the drying process. The flowers that we collect in our dried bouquets are lovingly grown, harvested and dried. In the spring, the flowers are sown and given plenty of time to grow. In summer, they are carefully cut from the soil. The fresh flowers are then hung upside down in a warm drying shed, out of sunlight. In this way, they maintain their distinctive colors. Then they are processed or colored with natural paint, so that they stay beautiful for as long as possible.

Endless enjoyment

Flowers wilt and roses perish…right? Not with our dried flowers! Put a dried bouquet in your favorite vase and time seems to stop. Thanks to our extensive range of high-quality dried bouquets, you will never run out of choices. Are you ready for something new? Why not arrange a completely new dried bouquet with a few extra dried flowers! Because dried bouquets last year-round and require no maintenance, they are very sturdy.