A glimpse into

the dried flower bus

Our Dried Flower Bus offers a glimpse into what Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers is all about! Our total collection consists of nearly 900 different articles, and the Flower Bus contains the most in-demand types of dried flowers, chiefly originating from Dutch soil. Dried summer flowers, playful plumes and magnificent grasses are all represented here—and each one of them can be bought directly on the bus!
Would you prefer an exotic specimen or a flower sprayed in your own customised colour?
These can of course be ordered here, too!

As it drives by your neighbourhood, our Flower Bus on the one hand shows our future customers throughout the Netherlands what we do with flowers, while on the other hand this is just one more way we connect with our existing clients, showing our beautiful assortments with brand-new styles and seasonal flowers and bouquets.
Not sure about a particular order? Call the bus and we’ll pay you a visit!

The Dried Flower Bus helps you take that final step.